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I Have a Dream by Martin Luther King Essay Example for Free

I Have a Dream by Martin Luther King Essay â€Å"I have a dream† was a speech delivered on August 28, 1963 by Martin Luther King in Lincoln Memorial Washington D. C. Martin Luther King’s role or position in his speech is that of an illustrator, or a mediator of peace and equality. He becomes one of those people who have seen the light and wanted to share this light to those other individuals who are still in the dark. He wanted or dreamed of a community wherein racial discrimination is no longer an issue. His ideal community is where everybody is free, no biases for either black or white people nor black or white community. He is in a position as to persuade the people to become more vigilant in watching their freedom and in receiving or wanting equality and justice. He also wanted each and every people to understand that one’s freedom or destiny is bound to the other. Because of this, he wanted everybody to properly exercise civil rights and must not prevent people from using this privilege. Generally, the intended audience of the speech is the black people, and also those who are not such as the white people, but are living with black people or in black communities. However, everybody can read or listen to his speech or statement because of the underlying principles included in his speech and his dreams or ideals can be utilized or preferred as a model for civil rights. â€Å"I have a dream† greatly inspires and effectively infuses its point of view to its audience, transforming dreams into reality and despair into hope; we dream of being free, and we become free because of this dream. Martin Luther King was prompted to write or make the statement or speech because of the continuing slavery that entangles each and every people, especially for the black people or communities. In addition to this, the belief and treatment or actions of the black people against the white people had alarmed the author to write or make this speech to the public. According to Martin Luther King, the slavery of the black people may have been released or abolished because of the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation. However, nowadays or 100 years later, this freedom from slavery is still ambiguous and it does not exist. In addition to this, Martin Luther King believes that there are still a lot of people who are experiencing police brutality and social discrimination. In addition to this, he thinks that the rights and privileges which were given to the people, especially the black people, is not properly implemented or received by the black communities. Martin Luther King takes on the affirmative side or in favor for equality amongst the black people and also the white people. He clearly shows or supports his stand through several examples and emphasis on his words or statements. Martin Luther King claims that every individual should learn to respect and give what is right to their neighbors. He is aware that there are people who are still suffering beyond the hands of law. He reasons this out by giving examples of those who were misunderstood, brutally beaten indiscriminately and provides logic as to why dreaming is an important part in one’s body. Martin Luther King is qualified to be a speaker or author of such paper because of his records and performance not only as a politician but also an individual who greatly cares for justice and freedom. I believe that the assumptions, ideas or claims of Martin Luther King are correct and good, with some deviances especially through the use of audio, video or format or instructions at more school. He was able to provide examples of real life situations where the civil rights of an individual becomes hindered. In addition to this, the audio and video formats are very much entertaining and at the same time, inform the audience of the predicaments of equality or justice in nations or communities. However, there are some claims or dreams which are somehow impossible to attain such as complete equality and freedom from prejudice from all countries or states. Being able to read Martin Luther King’s work, my perspective before to ignore claims and evidences and become settled in what the community gives me, had greatly changed. As such, the degree of my trust towards Martin Luther King did increase due to his great speech which is definitely eye-opening. The author has refutations that include the fulfillment of his dream or conditions in order to achieve a country, state or community. He also refutes the fact that freedom is already complete. The refutations made by Martin Luther King are really effective. In addition to this, he uses great emphasis on his words and greatly touches the sympathy of those who are listening to his speech. He was able to clearly state his dreams, one after the other and manage to state options or categories which would fulfill his dreams. His last statement â€Å"Free at last! Free at last! † gives hopes and restore the faith which people have for change and better living. As an individual who had already received the light from Martin Luther King, my desire for helping other people and providing equality or non-biased reactions had increased. My hopes for a better communication and media for spreading the word of the real scenario on freedom and equality also increased because of the persuasive message or speech delivered by Martin Luther King, Somehow, a part of me already wants to do something in order to help and at least be able to create balance within communities. In addition to this, his metaphor of a ring, representing one goal, and fingers representing the people, is really amazing and in reality lightens my belief. I thought that we are already saved, but the paper of Martin Luther King had taught me well. Works Cited Jr. , Dr. Martin Luther King. American Rhetric: Martin Luther King Jr. : I Have a Dream. Atlanta, 2008. February 11, 2008. Intellectual Properties Management. http://www. americanrhetoric. com/speeches/mlkihaveadream. htm.

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